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Established in 2001 as a part of the reform of the Administration, the Archivio storico del Senato (Historical Archives of the Senate) was opened up to the public in 2003. The Archivio storico del Senato holds all the records and documents the Senate produces or receives during its institutional, andministrative and cultural activity. One of the missions of the Archivio storico del Senato is also to acquire private documents from prominent politicians, which deal with relevant historical and institutional subjects. The Archivio storico del Senato produces catalogues and record descriptions, publishes original documents, which are mostly presented and discussed in public conferences and meetings. Some of the the activities of the Archivio storico del Senato are carried out in cooperation with Universities and other cultural Insitutions (e.g. publications, exhibitions, special events).

In addition to providing materials to researchers, the Archivio storico del Senato also promotes publications by encouraging historians and scholars to investigate specific topics and to delve into the archival sources.

The Archivio storico del Senato has also created the project Archivi on line, which enable several historical institutions to publish their most relevant collections on the Senate website.

Therefore many researchers have been given the opportunity to consult important historical papers and political corrispondence directly on the internet.

The Archivio storico del Senato has acquired many documents belonged to important politicians who lived during both the monarchy and the Republic, such as: Imperiali, Cefaly, Calamandrei-Regard, Bentivegna, Capponi, Fanfani, Leone, De Martino, Martino, Rumor. Some of them are still active nowadays, such as Bonino.

In accordance with its cultural aim, the Archivio storico del Senato provides a biographical database about senators appointed during the Kingdom of Italy from 1848 to 1943. Rich in detailed descriptions and constantly updated, the database is also available on the Senate website.


Palazzo Giustiniani, via della Dogana Vecchia 29 - 00186 Roma

Tel. 06 67064785/89; fax 06 67063606

Sito internet: www.senato.it

archive's theme: politics, draft laws, historical documents

chronology: 1848-2018

legal status: institutional

total assets: 6,5 km

funds: paper documents, registers, photographs, audiovisual documents, medals

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